Product Name: Dried Morel Mushroom
Brand Name: TIM TIM

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The black mushroom or morels of commerce, belong to genus Morchella, of the class Ascomycete, and comprising of about a dozen species, of which M. esculenta, M. conica and M. angusticipt are of considerable economic importance. The morels are prized for culinary uses, particularly as a gourmet food. They are used in gravies sauces and soups. Morels are not only delicious, but also very healthy food. They contain 42 per cent high quality protein on dry weight basis, which is quite high as compared to other edible plant products. Morels are low in calories and rich in minerals. The morels appear in spring immediately after snow melt and are best recognised by their fleshy consistency of the pitted head on a stalk. Though they rate among the best of all the edible fungi, company until now they have not been grown commercially with success.

The major morel producing areas in India are the hilly areas of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Morels grow naturally in temperate forests. Total production in India is estimated to be approximately 50 tonnes of dry morels annually all of which is exported except for some domestic consumption as gourmet restaurants.

Being a natural wild product, with smoky taste and aroma, morels have unique liking which makes it the most expensive mushroom of all times. France, Switzerland and Germany are the main importing countries along with Scandinavian and far east countries.

The morels market price is mainly driven by two factors. First, the limited production, because its naturally grown, and second, the growing food retail industry who supply it to the high end restaurants.

Morels which are to be exported are packed in 100gms , 500 gms , 1 kilo, 5 kilos nett packing. Majorly goods are being exported under 10 kilo nett Bulk packing in a carton. Importers re clean and pack it in tins or glass bottles in their own brands.

Quality Standards / Certifications:
  • Strict sample analysis of raw material is done on purchase to ensure that goods are free from any sort of foreign or poisonous mushroom, stones, metals or any other foreign matters. IN HOUSE LABORATORY makes samples and testing of the product.

  • Morels are packed under controlled temperature required for the product. We make sure that goods are packed in congenial & hygienic conditions. Goods are processed on conveyor belts and are passed through metal detectors before being finally packed.

  • We are Certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000 including HACCP.

  • We also sell ORGANIC CERTIFIED MORELS duly certified by Control Union Certifications.

Benefits: Ideal for weight loss, Reduced cancer risk, Improved cardiovascular health, Aid in diabetes treatment