Product Name: Cashews
Brand Name: TIM TIM

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coupon pregnancy rong>Cashew is known for its exotic flavor and high nutritious value. In the botanical language Cashew is known as Anacardium occidentale and in India it is commonly reffered as "Kaju". Cashew Nuts and Apples are largely produced in the tropical climates with worm and humid atmosphere. The fruits of the Cashew Tree are kidney or boxing glove shape drupe which grows at the end of the pseudofruit. One cashew tree produces between 200 and 300 cashew nuts in a year.

Production of Cashew:
Cashew is the native fruit of Brazil. It was spread in various parts of the world by the Portuguese. India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Indonesia and Brazil are some of the major producers of Cashew Nuts in the world. Collectively these countries account for more than 91% of all Cashew Kernel export.

Nutritional Aspect of Cashew:
Cashew Nuts are rich source of Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat. In addition to this, Iron, Vitamin B and C, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc are also found in the Kernel of Cashew. Consuming Cashew has various positive effects on the human health. It is a highly nutritious and concentrated form of food that provides a substantial amount of energy to the body. Cashew is effectively used against tooth abscesses. The seeds of Cashew are ground up into powders that are commonly used for anti venom for the snake bites. Besides its nut oil is used topically as an antifungal and for healing cracked heels and skins. The Cashew nut contains an acrid compound that is a powerful vesicant which is abrasive to the skin.

The cashew nut kernel has a pleasant taste and flavor and can be consumed raw, fried and sometimes salted or sweetened. They are used in a number of cuisines as the enhancer of taste and flavor.